Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been creating :)

Hi there

I know in my last post I said I was busy doing some competition pieces, well, I got them done and some more.... :)

I'll post my comp pieces separately, but here are the pieces I've also just completed.

This first pendant is a 'beaded bead' I made when I was experimenting. I'm quite happy with it, the colours are so soft.

This next set is made using amethyst rondells and violet coloured swaro bicones. It's very sparkly.

This next set I made using mocha colour swaro beads I received as part of a gift from the Swarovski Forum. If you want to check it out, just click on the link under "websites I love".

I love these earrings. I made them using golden shadow rivolis and size 11 delicas and 15 seed beads. As you can imagine, the depth of the rivolis really illuminate when under light.

This next piece is a pressie for my Mum. Mum was with me when I bought the red seedies and immediately told me that I had to make something with them for her... LOL. I hope she likes it. The pattern is courtesy of the French beading forum (see link).

Till next time.... :)

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